Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Yesterday Went Down Hill Fast

It seems everyday I wake up to some stupid problem that just disrupts my mind. I blame it on modern times. There are too many doodads, gimcracks and devices anymore. I can't seem to get a day without these so-called labor-saving objects making more labor for me.

They are Little things, really, but most annoying and peace disturbing no less. Monday, yesterday, was a pip.

I was up at my usual time...early, very early, but I still didn't have time to do my morning cleaning and take a little walk. My walks have grown increasingly little and that was the first rattle of my nerves. I had a 7:20 cardiologist appointment to take an ultrasound test.

I had made my appointment for 7:30, but when they called with a reminder they changed the time. They wanted me there 15 minutes early. Last week I had a later appointment, but they still wanted me to show up 15 minutes ahead of time, then they were 20 minutes late calling me for the test. Oh yeah, it's okay for them to be late, but they would jump all over me if I came beyond my appointed moment in their hands. You remember, I wrote of this test and the poor bedside manner of the technician. I sure didn't want mr. Grump again.

Anyway, I did pause to review my bank accounts, which I do everyday and when I looked at my main account at Citizens there was a $35 overdraft charge. There was no sign of any overdraft. The loosest my balance had reached this month was just under $200. I printed out a copy of my transactions and took this with.

When I turned on the car what should appear? The Low Air Pressure Light, which I hate. I hate the light, that is, because all those years of driving cars that had no such ability to nag about air pressure I never gave it a though, unless a tire looked low. That light comes on and I get concerned. I got out and looked at the tires and they all looked plump and they all felt hard. I guessed it was the left front again. Why that tire keeps getting slightly low, I don't know. These are new tires rated for 60,000 miles. The odd thing is the left front tire was doing the same thing before, except that was an old tire, in fact the original tires on the car when I bought it 7 years ago.

So I left and went down to the nearby Wawa. They have free air, except when I got out and tried to put in air I discovered their noodle was broke. I would have to try the Wawa near where my son works after taking my test.

I had my itinerary worked out. I would go get my test, change in the car to other shorts and take a walk in Rockwood, stop at the bank to straighten out the overdraft fee and finally stop by the other Wawa and put some air in that tire.

Of course on the way I got held up by a flagman on Veale Road where one lane was closed. They had one lane going last month and had just opened a clear path last week. This time they weren't tearing up the street; they were trimming high trees hanging over he route.

I got to the cardiologists at 7:00 and their door was locked. A sign on the door said Office Opens 7:30. What? How am I to be 15 minutes early if they don't open until after my appointment time? My bad, it turned out my appointment wasn't until 7:50. At 7:30 i went in, signed the sheet and took a seat. There were maybe 3 people in the waiting room.

I looked up and out came that same technician I had last week. He called in some other fellow. Great, this probably meant he would be tied up with that unfortunate gentleman and I'd get someone else. No such luck. My appointed time came and it was Mr. Grump who called me name. He was better this time, not exactly Mr. Sunshine, but at least civil and the test was short.

I went up to Rockwood and took my brief walk. From there I went to the bank. Not open yet, but I waited around and got to talk to a fellow about the situation. He said it was because a check I had deposited didn't clear until the next day, which I feel is a flimsy excuse. I make that deposit every month, the check always clears and I never have overdrafts. I had deposited the check in the morning.  Lois had used her card that evening and they didn't say, "Oh there is a large check on hold, so we will not change an overdraft." No, they quickly slapped it on there. The Platform Person told me they would see if they could waive the fee. I must wait until Thursday to find out.

I then drove up to the new Wawa and was able to put air in that front tire, which cured the problem. Like I said, little things, but those little things were aggrevating and they wasted at least a hour of my time.

We decided to go to MacKenzie's for dinner. We have some problems with Duffers and the road to Barnaby's was closed for the day. We get to MacKenzie's and I think, oh, no, don't tell me they are closed. There were those road cones across the entry drive nearest us. Turned out they had repaved their parking lot, but the smaller lot on the one side was open and so was the restaurant. So, the day didn't end with a continuation of the morning.

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