Monday, September 3, 2018


This is a fun list, I’m told!  I stole it from two of my favorite fellow bloggers, Jon of Lone Wolf Concerto ( and Ron of Retired in Delaware  (

  1. Five fears:
Inability to communicate 
Needles (though I had many in recent years and should be used to them)
Senility or Alzheimers
Harm to my family
Being arrested 

2. Three things I love
Wife and children
I’ll cheat here and also list walking.

3. Four turn ons
If we are talking sex I am not going to say.
Hiking in nature
Movies that make you think

4. Four turns off
Cruelity to animals
People who won’t allow differing opinions
Aggressive drivers

5. My best friend
I’ve had a number of best friends throughout my life. 

6. My favorite book
Wow! I have been a voracious reader since I learned how. It would be impossible to name any one book as my favorite.

7. My best first date
Probably the one with the girl I married. There was nothing spectacular about what we did, which was go to a drive-in movie then to a diner for something to eat. We then went back to her house and sat in the kitchen talking until 6:00 in the morning. But there was just something magical about it.

8. How tall am I?
6 foot even.

9. What do I miss?
Hiking in the rougher state parks. ALS has taken that away from me. I miss a lot of things I once could do easily that I cannot any longer.

10. What time were (were?) I born
Sometime in the wee hours of the morning in late June a long time pass.

11. Favorite color
Green, always has been.

12. Do I have a crush?
Not presently

13. Favorite Quote
“You’re a kind man talking to a stubborn man.” From “The Straight Story”.

14. Favorite place
No place like home, until I get to Heaven.

15. Favorite food
Hmm, I like pot roast, burnt hot dogs, chip beef gravy, banana splits and many other things

16. Do I use sarcasm?
Who me? Sarcasm?

17. What am I listening to right now?
Hum of an air conditioner; otherwise, the sound of silence.

18. First thing I notice in a new person
If they have kindness in their eyes

19 Eye color
Blue, like pure pools of water in the morning sun.

20. Hair color

Well, when I had hair, it was once dark brown, almost black. What is left me is pretty close to white now.


  1. Nice list Lar! I should have had cruelty to animals on my turn offs too. I also notice the kindness of a person through their eyes. Always a sure fire way of judging someone's character. Look at Trump's eyes, they're like lizard eyes. Telling.

  2. By the way, the "in" shorts now are those down around your ankles. You might be able to buy some summer clearance in the stores now.

  3. Hi, Larry - I'm finally getting around to some long-neglected blog reading. I'm glad you stole these questions from me and Ron and I really liked your answers. We seem to agree on a LOT of things.
    I also want to thank you wholeheartedly for your kind comment on my recent blog post about the death of my cat Scruffy.